Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Papa...and I love you so

its been 17 days since you left
and still my eyes filled with tears now drafting this post

Everytime I went to see your grave, I cried again
even walking towards your grave my heart beats fast and tears piling up on my eyes

2 days ago I pray in the same mosque as the one we use to pray next to your body, and again...I cry
I dont know whether its normal or is it too much since I have never felt this sad

I miss you dad
I am regretting all the chance that have gone without me being able to make you happy
I should have tried more to make you proud of me
I should have lessen my impatient in our debates to make you not being emotional..we are too alike

I regret those days
I regret days when every morning you will come to my house to take your grandkids to school and I sometime dont even bother to small talks with you

I know regret wont bring me much
now I can only pray for you wishing that am worth that prayers and it reaches you

but I do miss you
I miss you so much and all these tears seems endless
I really wish someday we can meet again..even if its in my dreams...

I love you day...and I miss you  a lot....

Al Fatihah....

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